House Extensions

We have vast experience of extending all types of buildings and properties. We can help you extend your home using matching materials and design features, sourcing the right materials and labour force for the job.

Whether you're planning a minor facelift or a major makeover, we have the experience to achieve your plans on time and on budget. An extension to your house can mean an entire section added to your property, or simply the installation of a loft space but all extension work needs proper management and implementation.

We'll offer advice and evaluate your requirements, assessing whether what you are looking for can be achieved through planning stages and construction.

We work closely with our team of builders and craftsmen, and with the local authorities to realise your vision.

Why extend?

Adding value and comfort to your home

An extension could add between 10% and 50% to the value of your home, depending on its size and how well it's finished. The key is to get its proportions just right and we can advise on this and other crucial considerations.

Adding living space

An extension will add comfortable living space to your home, whether it's a larger kitchen or an entire floor, your home will feel more comfortable with extra living space. Opening old rooms that follow into new rooms can create an open modern living space that will bring your family together.



The Process

There are a few stages to building an extension to your home. We'll guide you through each one of them.

  Advice and initial design
  Estimate of costs
  Architect drawings
  Planning application
  Building work begins
  Making good and final sign off
  Enjoy your new home!


Belwo are just a few of our extension projects. Please go to our gallery for more images.