Interior designing is an art in which creativity and technology work together to culminate a well defined interior environment. It isn't just about home decoration but is concerned with creating functional and beautiful to look at interior spaces in your home. The interior of your home is often directly linked to the exterior design.


  Bespoke kitchens for your home, with handmade units in any style you happen to like, using exact cabinet sizes to suit the space. Any style you choose is attainable, from a formal traditional kitchen, country kitchen through to a high gloss modern kitchen. Letting you specify every element of the resulting kitchen, from its layout to its storage systems and intelligent appliances.






Luxury spaces

  We create amazing luxury rooms that you can be proud of. From swimming pools, to underground garage spaces to family games rooms, we can design and build to exacting specifications. Ideally these rooms are implemented in a full house design but we can also install in existing properties too. All of our interiors are given the utmost attention to detail, making sure your space is both beautiful to the eye and functional.




  Whether creating a room from scratch or designing the interior of an existing bedroom, we'll use exceptional finishes and colours, which can perfectly complement your ideas. We can offer creative solutions for any existing awkward corners, non-uniform walls or sloping ceilings, to ensure your bedroom furniture fits perfectly. Any idea can be implemented, from traditional luxury to modern contemporary styling.






We'll work with you to provide a brief of the work to be done. The brief will be as detailed and project-specific as possible. It will outline your requirements and aspirations and set down a budget for works and include the time scale in which the project must be realised.


Some questions to consider:

Who will be using the space and what are their various needs/requirements?

How many people will be using the space?

How long will the space be used for? Days? Months? Years?

What do you hope to achieve/gain through commissioning the work?

Where will windows face? Consider sunlight at certain times of the day, as well as your property views and aspects.

What's the budget?

What's the time scale for completion?